Homeowner Products & Services

 Homeowners  throughout southeastern Wisconsin trust Herbst Oil for all of their  home heating needs.  From fuel oil furnace repair and maintenance, to  heating oil delivery, to help paying winter heating bills, Herbst Oil is  your home heating partner.

Multiple Payment Plans

  • Cash 10: Cash discount is given if your bill is paid within 10 days of delivery
  • 15 E.O.M.: Charge account with payment due the 15th day of the month following delivery
  • Budget: Your anticipated seasonal usage is divided into 12 predictable equal monthly payments

Discounts & Payment Assistance

  • Prompt Payment "Cash 10" Discount for paying your bill within 10 days of delivery 
  • Furnace Update Discount.  Update to a new  high-efficiency oil fired furnace with cleanburn science and receive a  10-cent discount on your fuel oil for 3 years from date of installation 
  • Bill Pay Assistance.  For help paying your home heating bills, Herbst Oil can help you work with select energy assistance agencies.

Delivery Plans

  • Keep Fill.  Deliveries are computed using heating degree days* as calculated daily by the National Weather Service. 
  • Will Call.  You are responsible for monitoring fuel usage.  Delivery will be made within 24 hours of notification. 

* What are Degree Days?

A “degree day” is a  unit of measure for recording how hot or how cold it has been over a  24-hour period. The number of degree days applied to any particular day  of the week is determined by calculating the mean Temperature for the  day and then comparing the mean temperature to a base value of 65  degrees F. (The “mean” temperature is calculated by adding together the  high for the day and the low for the day, and then dividing there result  by 2.)

If the mean  temperature for the day is, 5 degrees higher than 65, then there have  been 5 cooling degree days. On the other hand, if the weather has been  cool, and the mean temperature is, say 55 degrees, then there have 10  heating degree days (65 minus 55 equals 10).

Why do we want or need to know the number of “degree days?”

It is a good way  to generally keep track of how much demand there has been for energy  needed to either heating or cooling buildings. The cooler (warmer) the  weather, the larger the the number of “heating (cooling) degree  days”…and the larger the number of heating (cooling) degree days, the  heavier the demand for energy needed to heat (cool) buildings

 Furnace Service & Maintenance

  • Service for oil and gas fired furnaces 
  • Maintenance Soon your furnace will be running longer and  more frequently. Why not call us now and take advantage of our fall  service!